Visual Identity




Big Incredible is launching the first traveling venue offering immersive experiences. On tour, TADAMM! will set up in city-center squares for several weeks, with a diverse offer. The agency is working alongside Big Incredible to develop a global strategic thinking on the launch of its offer and the definition of its visual identity.


Create a visual identity that takes inspiration from the circus codes, as a nod to showmen who, during their time, contributed to the democratization of cinema. Imagine a singular sign that evokes mobility and wonder, as an invitation to performance. Define a modular system fit to adapt to various formats : screen, architecture, signage, communication.


We created the typographic bloc of the TADAMM! logo from a lineal base, on which straight geometrical serifs were added, giving the wordmark sturdiness. These shapes are evocative of a circus tent structure. The double M, a letter-object, alludes to the majestic opening of a stage curtain. This glyph becomes the emblematic monogram of the brand.

The digital dimension is visible in the pixellised lettering used for the baseline. The distinctive color palette of the circus world was revisited, enriched with fluorescent tints, in order to create a more contemporary whole.