3D Motion Copywriting




For the launch of its new security service that enables the recovery of one’s wallet without using a recovery phrase, Ledger asked 17MARS to create a short film putting in context the need for this service and its simplicity of use.


Develop Ledger’s new artistic direction in a 3D environment, more fashion-oriented. Show how useful this service is through case-studies introducing the video.


We imagined two very distinct environments in order to visually distinguish the rooted in reality case-studies from technology, anchored in a more digital world. Reality is embodied by a series of 3D still-lifes on light grey surroundings, while technology is represented on a black background with a fine design inspired by video games interfaces.

The first part of the film calls on a bullet-time visual effect, providing us with the clear representation of the tension of an event about to happen. All three scenes are almost frozen in time, allowing for the visualisation in which Ledger Recover would’ve proved useful…