Faced with an increasingly challenged news market, the TF1 group’s channel has chosen, through its new look, to give time back to the news.

The graphic system imagined for the new LCI look is based on the three main stages of the news process: listening, analysis and sharing. Three pillars, like the three letters of the LCI logo.

In their simplest expression, these three pillars represent a loader symbolising the controlled pulse of the antenna. The third pillar of the loader is a visual marker, a tag structuring the information in its hierarchy.

This tag lives alone and comes in three colours to indicate the nature of the information: red for urgent news (breaking news), blue for classic news (news) and white for long formats (documentaries, special programming).

The LCI loader and its graphic tags are also found in the promo elements, the ad breaks, the interstitials and at the opening of each return to the programme.

The channel is finally adopting two new fonts:
Eastman Variable and Proxima Nova.

Client: TF1

Conception & Design: 17mars