Clash for Future

The Paris Luxury Summit, organized by CB News and Publicis Media on December 10th 2019 at the Théâtre Marigny, gave the agency a free hand to design and produce the opening film for the 6th edition of the event.



Questionning the creative process, it features a pyrosome, a marine creature made up of a multitude of living bodies that function together feeding on organic particles found in its environment.


This pyrosome is a metaphor for the creative community working from a common cultural heritage, a heritage that metamorphoses and sublimates itself to exist.

The entire piece is supported by ASMR type ultra-immersive sound design, which amplifies a macro pictorial approach mixing the mineral with the organic.

At the end of the process, the pyrosome becomes a new, majestic, more evolved creature.




Client: CB News & Publicis Media

Conception & design: 17mars

Music: Start-Rec