Clash for Future

This experimental film is the opening credits of the 6th edition of the Paris Luxury Summit, which took place on 19 December 2019 at the Théâtre Marigny. An event organized by CB News and Publicis Média.

It illustrates the theme of the event: ‘Clash for Future’, and questions more specifically the creative process.


The film features a pyrosome, a marine creature composed of a multitude of living bodies, which feeds on organic particles found in its environment.


This pyrosome, which looks like a giant digestive tract, feeds, metamorphoses and sublimates itself in order to exist, just like the creative artist who assimilates images, messages and sensations and transforms them into something else.

The whole thing is supported by a powerful soundtrack: special care has been given to the ultra-immersive, ASMR-type sound design. A piece in phase with the macro pictorial approach and the exploration of surprising visual territories, mixing mineral and organic.

The end packshot represents the sublimated pyrosome, a hybrid and majestic creature.




This film was conceived with the deep conviction that Motion Design, in its highest expression, tells a story, provokes emotions and strong sensations.

Conception and design: 17mars

Music: Start-Rec